The breadth of Kaspar Manufacturing’s machining services contributes to the large scope of services we offer. Over a century of experience in the manufacturing industry has given us the opportunity to accumulate a diverse range of machining capabilities. Our tenured professionals have an in-depth understanding of the evolution of machinery processes and techniques, which gives them an advantage in understanding and mastering this ever-changing industry.

  • Progressive Die Building

  • Milling, Drilling and Turning

  • Fadal CNC Machining Center

    • Maximum travel “X” axis is 60 inches
    • Maximum travel “Y” axis is 30 inches
    • Maximum travel “Z” axis is 30 inches
  • CNC Lathes

    • Haas SL-40 Long Bed with tailstock and steady rest (25-inch maximum turn diameter, 70-inch maximum turn length, 7-inch spindle through hole)
    • Haas ST-40 with tailstock (25-inch maximum turn diameter, 40-inch maximum turn length, 4-inch spindle through hole)
    • Leadwell LT-10 with tailstock (6-inch maximum turn diameter, 12-inch maximum turn length, 2-inch spindle through hole)
  • Sodick AQ537L EDM Machine

    • Maximum cut length “X” is 21 inches
    • Maximum cut length “Y” is 14 inches
    • Maximum cut height “Z” is 11 inches
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