Founders Series

The Founders Series is forged with 100% durable metal and made to mark a permanent place of pride on your property. Honor your heritage and give people a personal place to gather that shows the spirit of your organization to the community. Customize our benches, chairs and tables with your brand colors and symbols to land your mark.

Founders Bench

The cornerstone of our Founders Series, the Founders Bench will represent your organization and leave an open invitation for people to socialize and gather outside.

Founders Chair

A solid companion to the Founders Bench, the Founders Chair satisfies a solo outing or provides a second seat for a friend giving you options for creating a well-rounded space.

Founders Table

Complete your custom set with the Founders Table and encourage folks to commune, hold meetings or share a meal in the fresh air.


Our Founders Series seating is customizable on three sides: the back rest and the arm rest panels on each end. The Founders Table can be personalized with your mark on the large pedestals.

Made in Texas from heavy duty, pre-galvanized metal, all of our pieces are powder coated for protection, allowing your vibrant colors and original design to last for decades.



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